EHTC Customer Testimonials

C Users KAC Desktop WEB John BaconBauer Products has worked with EHTC since 2001. EHTC has become a great resource.  I feel very comfortable asking EHTC professionals for advice on any business or personal financial questions. I have always felt they are looking out for my best interests.  EHTC professionals tailor themselves to each client’s personal needs. 

We have always had a point person at EHTC whom we could contact and would get back to us in a timely fashion. If our point person didn’t have an answer, he would get the information or have another EHTC member contact us.

When we were looking for a bookkeeper, EHTC screened and tested many possible employees. They narrowed the field to three candidates, all of whom were excellent choices. EHTC also directed us to payroll services and helped pick a service which best served our needs. I would always take time to listen to EHTC’s suggestions and ideas.

EHTC has a network of partners with whom they have experience and knowledge guiding and directing them towards success. EHTC has the experience to help any size business and they can handle the paperwork, so you can grow your business.

All the employees at EHTC have been friendly and helpful in all phases whether it be working with your banker, insurance agent, or just developing a business plan. EHTC professionals want all their clients to succeed; thus making your life a little easier and stress free.
Jon Bacon
Bauer Products, inc.

describe the image "Because of EHTC helping my business, I'm able to spend more time with my children. Thank you EHTC for creating balance in my life!" Denise Hamill, Owner of Integrated Resource Solutions" C Users KAC Desktop Becky Lehman Click here to hear a testimonial from Becky Lehman, IT Applications Manager at Holland Board of Public Works.


For the past 18 years, I have relied on EHTC for both my business and personal financial needs. EHTC handles all my company’s annual reviewed financial statements, tax planning, and compliance needs.  Personally, my mother, sister, and I depend on EHTC to take care of our financial planning and taxes.  I appreciate the variety of skills, knowledge, and creativity the professionals at EHTC offer, along with the strong relationships I’ve acquired over the years.  I would recommend EHTC’s financial expertise to any business or individuals looking for a dedicated, top-notch CPA Firm.

Thank you EHTC!

Dean Smith, CEO
Specialty Heat Treating Inc.

C Users KAC Desktop DEWITT IIn October 2011, we were referred to Echelbarger, Himebaugh, Tamm & Co. (EHTC) by our accounting firm, BDO Seidman.  I was looking for a smaller accounting firm that would provide our company with on-site accounting assistance and help with implementing a new software program. Instead of hiring new employees, I found it more cost effective to hire EHTC.  EHTC has helped DeWitt Barrels accomplish the goals we established with them. We are now more efficient and have accurate detailed information on drum costs and customer trends through the implementation of QuickBooks and the personal attention of an accountant handling the company’s accounts payable on a weekly basis.  Their support has given me the flexibility to focus on other aspects of running a business. I would recommend EHTC to any small business that is growing rapidly.

Thank you EHTC!

Peter DeWitt
Vice President, DeWitt Barrels Inc.

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