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Echelbarger, Himebaugh, Tamm & Co., P.C. (EHTC) announced today that Accountant Christopher J. Leikert has received his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. Christopher joined the Tax Department at EHTC in August 2010. “Chris has proven to be a valuable asset in EHTC’s Accounting Department. He goes above and beyond for clients in relation to tax, accounting and auditing projects,” said David Echelbarger, President of EHTC. “We are excited about his certification and passion for business.”

IRS Announces Settlement Offer on Misclassified Workers

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The IRS has announced a new initiative for employers, known as the Voluntary Worker Classification Settlement Program. The program allows employers who have misclassified workers as “independent contractors” rather than “employees” to reclassify the workers. The employers would only have to pay a small percentage of the employment tax liability that would have been due to cover past payroll taxes, with no interest or penalties. While the IRS program is available to businesses of all sizes, as a practical matter, it is likely to most affect smaller entities.

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