Auto Kit Builder

Build Kits in Microsoft Dynamics® SL as You Sell Them

Auto Kit Builder builds your kits, from their component parts, when you sell them. You no longer need to maintain an on-hand supply of assembled kits or worry about updating your inventory quantities after the sale to ensure that inventory levels stay current and accurate. Auto Kit Builder creates and releases a kit assembly batch for the kit items entered on a sales order. This allows you to sell kits directly from inventory without having to manually go through the Inventory Kit Assembly process.

Auto Kit Builder Makes Kit Management Painless

Auto Kit Builder screenshot

Using Auto Kit Builder is Easy

Simply set up your kits in Dynamics SL, as you typically do, and if you want Auto Kit Builder to assemble the kit when it is used on a sale order, just check the “Auto Build” box. That’s all there is to it -- Auto Kit Builder takes care of the rest. If for any reason you don’t have sufficient component quantities to assemble the kit, the order will be processed as instructed in the order: if it is set to allow back orders a shipper will be created for the remaining items, otherwise the order will be held until you are able to assemble the kit.


  • Builds kits as they are sold
  • Keeps inventory current and accurate
  • Leverages component stock levels
  • Decreases the need for excess inventory levels
  • Delays creation of shipper until kit assembly is completed
  • Produces one kit assembly batch per line item on order
  • You define which kits should be automatically assembled
  • Easy to use

Technical Requirements
Auto Kit Builder requires the installation and configuration of these Dynamics SL modules:

  • Dynamics SL Module – Inventory
  • Dynamics SL Module – Order Management

Supported Dynamics SL Versions
Microsoft Dynamics SL version 4.21 and above

Please contact your Microsoft Business Partner for availability and pricing information..