EHTC Technology Solutions AutoCharge™

Credit Card Processing for Microsoft Dynamics® SL

AutoCharge delivers a flexible, yet powerful and secure credit card processing solution for Dynamics SL: it provides real-time credit card payment verification to insure that proper credit is available before processing an order. Throughout the shipment stages, credit can be re-verified so that no shipments are made without proper credit availability. The final capture automatically adjusts for freight and other charges or credits.

Backorder processing is simplified - AutoCharge does all the transaction work for you, automatically. Take the complexity out of your process by implementing AutoCharge.

With AutoCharge, you can stop worrying about credit card transactions

Setting up AutoCharge is easy using the intuitive configuration screen, some customizations and a pair of custom order steps


Processing is also secure since all transactions are processed through VeriSign®, the industry pioneer of transactional security.




  • Seamless integration with Dynamics SL Order Management and Accounts Receivable modules.
  • Immediate transaction Approval or Denial.
  • Process Sales, Authorizations, Credits, and Delayed Capture transactions.
  • Works with all major Internet Merchant Accounts.
  • PayFabric Manager Console allows you to see all of your transaction details from any web browser. 
  • Pick and Pack orders immediately!

How it Works

When an order is processed though the SL Order Management system, AutoCharge custom order steps pass the transaction data to the PayFabric® web client, which then securely passes the payment transaction data to PayFabric's payment servers for processing. PayFabric securely routes the transaction through the financial network to the appropriate bank, verifying that your customers are authorized to make the purchase. The transaction is finalized at shipment.

Product Type
Microsoft Dynamics SL
Visual Basic Customization
SQL Server Stored Procedures
Custom Order Steps

Technical Requirements
AutoCharge requires the installation and configuration of these SL modules:

  • SL Module - System Manager (SM) 
  • SL Module - Accounts Receivable (AR) 
  • SL Module - Order Management (OM) 
  • SL Module - Customization Manager (CU)

Supported Dynamics SL Versions
Microsoft Dynamics SL version 2011 and above


Microsoft Dynamics SL
Credit Card Processing
Sales Order Entry
Order Management

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