Generate Purchase Orders from Sales Orders with Microsoft Dynamics® SL

Imagine having the ability to generate purchase orders with the touch of a button. AutoPOg™ delivers this reality to you. Developed in Microsoft SQL Server and SL's Basic Script Language, AutoPOg is efficient and reliable. By pushing a single button on the Sales Order Screen, AutoPOg will generate Purchase Orders for everything on the order, including non-stock items. AutoPOg also allows the batch processing of purchase orders so that the items on many sales orders, with multiple "ship to" locations, can be consolidated onto a single vendor purchase order. autopo auto po

This application will save your organization hours of data entry time.

AutoPOg screenshot AutoPOg

AutoPOg streamlines the process of creating purchase orders from sales orders.


  • Seamless integration with Dynamics SL Order Management & Purchasing.
  • Automatically generate Purchase Orders from sales orders in Order Management.
  • Run AutoPOg as an automated order step to have Purchase Orders created without any user intervention.
  • Override default suppliers on the order to source items from alternate suppliers.
  • Create Purchase orders for each supplier on the Sales Order for their items.
  • Support for Drop Ship Purchase Orders, Goods for Stock and Goods for Projects.
  • Direct Drill down from Sales Order to linked Purchase Orders.
  • Support for Non-stock items.

Using the information from the Sales Order, AutoPOg will determine what items to order and create Purchase Orders for each vendor specified for the items. It will consolidate vendor's products into one purchase order, and will also use scheduling information to insure that the purchase order reflects the same requested dates as the Sales Order. If line items on the Sales Order are drop ship items, AutoPOg will generate a drop ship Purchase Order using the shipping information from the Sales Order.

Customers using this product have seen an incredible reduction in time to create Purchase Orders. One customer has their daily time spent creating Purchase Orders decreased from four hours to fifteen minutes. Now that is real dollar savings!

Product Type
Visual Basic Customization
SQL Server Stored Procedures

Technical Requirements
AutoPOg requires the installation and configuration of these Solomon modules:

  • SL Module - System Manager (SM)
  • SL Module - Order Management (OM)
  • SL Module - Purchasing (PO)
  • SL Module - Inventory (IN)

Supported Solomon Versions
Microsoft Dynamics SL version 4.21 and above

Purchase Order Generation
Purchase Order Entry
Drop Ship

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