Microsoft CRM Rocks! GoldMine and Maximizer RIP -- So Says Gartner (Part 2)

Posted on Mon, Jul 25, 2011

Following up on the last post regarding Gartner’s recent CRM industry analysis... I wanted to point out the Bomb that they dropped in this report. Kind of a silent bomb because not very many people will notice something that is not in the report. But I did, because it is coming from an authoritative source and I have read every version of this report for the past 10 years or so. In their July 2011 – “Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation”

  • Microsoft scores in the Leadership Quadrant.
  • They added Microsoft Online as a separate product.
  • Dropped from the list are Maximizer and Goldmine.

Holy Cow! Goldmine and Maximizer have finally gotten “Delisted.” This is kind of like when a stock value goes so low they go off the New York Stock Exchange and go over to the penny stock market. Act! would be there also but Sage has done a good job at keeping that app in the product mix and support continuing to have a migration path up to other apps. But as a former GoldMine premier partner I am a bit saddened to see its decline. I invested a significant portion of my career with GoldMine the company and its partners. As strategists, the Goldmine customers and channel did a great job of taking the concepts of B2B marketing and putting them into productive and useful SFA software. However, the platform has so lagged behind the technology, and with no cloud-based plan for their customers, it is difficult to see how they are going to be relevant in 18 months, or how they are even relevant in the current climate's march to the cloud model so widely accepted.

Very interesting coming on the heels of the Sage conference, which was ironically held last week. It fell flat on delivering any innovations outside of an email marketing integration and announcements of future features for mobility, etc. Paul Greenberg’s comments in an article recapping the event summed it up by saying “Not a lot of vision there, I’m afraid.” 

So I will now add Goldmine to my list of IT technologies and companies that I have invested my time in getting certified, learning to install, and support that have not kept up with changing times.

  • Packard Bell Technician
  • Banyan
  • Novell
  • Panasonic Printers
  • 3COM
  • Bay Networks
  • GroupWise
  • cc:Mail
  • Word Perfect
  • Lotus 123
  • Monarch
  • Quattro Pro
  • WordStar
  • GoldMine
  • Act!

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