Microsoft CRM Rocks! Goldmine and Maximizer RIP - So Says Gartner (Part 1)

Posted on Mon, Jul 25, 2011

Gartner is an independent IT analysis firm. I would say that they are not just "a" firm but more like "the" firm that CIOs and business owners turn to for advice. This company offers their advice based on a subscription model. Basically you pay them along with a bunch of other companies and they go out and research all kinds of complex ideas and strategies that would be difficult for a single company to dedicate resources to. Their methods allow them to see trends in industries over time and their analysts are able to bring a long-term perspective to the success and failure of various IT strategies. If you are a member you are also able to submit questions and they will come back with studies and advice based on their research. Not a cheap organization to belong to. I was in a company once that was a customer of theirs and we paid about $50,000 a year for this advice back in the mid 90s. So when they speak and make recommendations most organizations follow that advice. In many ways they are the determiner of IT best practices in the United States and abroad.  

With all of this said, I have been reading the Garner CRM reports for many years. I was reviewing the last several reports and I thought that I would point out what I felt are kind of  “Game Changers” in the CRM biz.

First – in their April 2011 – “Evaluating Microsoft Dynamics CRM”  report:

“Any size company that has a Microsoft technology stack should consider Microsoft Dynamics CRM for automating sales force automation and customer service and support processes.”

Let that sink in for a moment. ANY size company that has a Microsoft Technology Stack..... that is a very strong recommendation coming from Gartner.

In our next blog article I will talk about GoldMine and Maximizer and what Gartner says about them.

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