Valuation & Litigation Support Overview

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Over 35 Years of Experience!

Litigation, valuation and other types of business negotiations often involve complex accounting, tax, and financial matters requiring the specialized knowledge of experienced CPAs.

Dennis Echelbarger has the experience, knowledge, and qualifications to provide defendable, accurate, and independent value conclusions. His specific skills provide litigation support to present in court or to assist in settlement negotiations and other litigation matters. Analyzing data and resolving issues allows them to fully understand your case and provide clarity to reports and conclusions.  Dennis’s expert testimony experience provides understandable court presentations.

As members of the Financial Valuation Group, Dennis has access to a nation wide network of experts in valuation and litigation. 

Erik Olson's has over 10 years experience in tax planning, advisory, and compliance services for businesses. In addition to his tax and business expertise, Erik is a Certified Valuation Analyst with experience in providing valuations for businesses in the following industries:

Commercial Real Estate



Medical Practices


Professional Services



Information Technology


Insurance Agencies