Dynamics SL Productivity Tools

Velosio Grand Rapids is pleased to offer our Dynamics SL Productivity Tools - developed specifically to extend the value and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics SL and for resale by Microsoft Dynamics Partners. For more information about these Velosio product offerings, please contact Dan Holzgen.

Infuse For Dynamics® CRM & Dynamics® SL

Keep Dynamics CRM and Dynamics SL in Sync with Infuse – the connection that helps you focus on business opportunities by eliminating information gaps across your enterprise. Infuse maximizes your CRM and SL investment by supporting key customer-related business processes and making the information visible across departments. This integration enables both applications to share customer-focused information and recognize critical data from both systems, thereby allowing you to see one consolidated view of your customer.


Process Credit Cards Easily with AutoCharge – a utility that delivers a flexible, yet powerful and secure credit card processing solution for Dynamics SL. AutoCharge enables you to verify credit card payments in real-time. Whether you are taking orders on the phone, over the web, or at the counter, AutoCharge offers a solution that compliments your distribution workflow process.

Inventory Planner

Plan Your Inventory Effectively with Inventory Planner automating the purchasing process in Dynamics SL. Using min/max and reorder point logic, this application generates reviewable purchase orders as required. Not all companies need an overly-sophisticated replenishment process, they may simply need a tool that tells them when stock is getting low, and then automates the purchasing process. That’s exactly what Inventory Planner does.


Create Purchase Orders from Sales Orders with AutoPOg facilitating the process. AutoPOg creates purchase orders directly from sales orders in Dynamics SL. Unlike other utilities, including out-of-the-box SL, AutoPOg allows the processing of non-stock items and goods for Projects.

Auto Kit Builder

Build Kits Automatically with Auto Kit Builder managing your kitting process. You no longer need to maintain an on-hand supply of built kits or worry about updating Dynamics SL after a sale to make sure your inventory stays current and accurate because Auto Kit Builder builds the kits from their component parts as they are sold.

Note: Velosio Grand Rapids product availability may change at any time without notice.