As a business owner or company looking to acquire another business, do you have all the tools necessary to equip you to make the best, most informed decisions? Navigating through the target company’s financial performance, evaluating known and unknown tax liabilities, and understanding the nuances of working capital needs is a complex and sophisticated exercise. In order to move forward with a purchase with the confidence and direction needed, and at a purchase price that accurately reflects the company’s historical performance and value, you need the assistance of those who have knowledge and experience to confirm the target’s results.

The team at EHTC understands the complexity of expanding your business through acquisition. We cater requests to your specific situation, operating with efficiencies in mind, in examining the financial and tax history of the target to identify potential areas of risks and concerns. We understand that adjustments to financial results and identified tax exposure can create a large difference in purchase price. Our team of experts and CPAs, along with our involvement in over 300 mergers and acquisition transactions across a host of industries, makes us well equipped to assist you through the process to ensure you have a thorough financial and tax analysis for your transaction.

Call our office today to schedule a meeting or fill out the contact form below. Let the team at EHTC conduct the financial and tax due diligence needed so that you can be confident in your decision and help facilitate a smooth and successful transaction.