Assurance services

At EHTC, we understand that financial institutions, boards and vendors require specific documents as part of their financial reporting process. Many of these requirements necessitate a CPA certified or an unbiased opinion, which you may not have available based on your company’s staff qualifications. With the years of expertise at EHTC, we have an entire team of dedicated Assurance professionals to meet those requirements and provide constructive solutions to your company’s complex issues.

These insights into the financial aspect of your business also help drive decisions as to how the company is operating and provides opportunities to maximize your profitability and efficiency. With EHTC’s team approach to proactive client service, we make sure your needs are met and take the time to ensure you understand your company’s financial picture. Our team has the experience and knowledge, along with close relationships with banks, to fully understand the requirements. As a member of the BDO Alliance, we have large firm resources so no issue is beyond our capabilities, and we make sure to focus on people and culture so you are not left with any surprises or questions.

Call our office today to schedule a meeting or fill out the contact us form below. EHTC wants to ensure you are meeting the financial requirements and are complainant in your reporting. With our access to more services, such as tax, accounting services, and transaction advisory services, we are here to assist you with solutions by utilizing our resources. You will have the resources to help transition your business to the changing standards and do not have to worry about complex financial requirements.

  • Agreed-upon procedures engagements – For the reports that may not fit into a specific category, EHTC will work with you to define the scope of your project and meet those needs
  • Audits, reviews, compilations – Providing three levels of assurance in your financial reporting:
    • Audit – the highest level of assurance through an intensive examination
    • Review – limited assurance with some analytical procedures conducted
    • Compilation – used primarily for internal use and based upon information provided by the client
  • Employee benefit plan audits – Filing a complete and accurate report, while complying with the legal responsibilities from the Department of Labor, protects assets of plan participants and the financial integrity of the plan
  • Internal control assessments – As part of your company’s risk management process, internal controls work to leverage opportunities and counter threats while achieving your goals and objectives in an effective and efficient manner
  • Preparation of financial statements – your company’s financial statements tell more about your business than anything else
  • General consulting
  • Financial forecasts and projections

About EHTC

EHTC is a dedicated, full-service CPA firm in West Michigan that focuses on helping clients to achieve their full potential through comprehensive accounting, finance and tax services. We are a local firm with large firm resources, using a team approach to proactive client service that helps our clients gain a competitive advantage through our ability to develop strategies and present realistic solutions that build value.