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Faith-based: Intacct helps faith-based organizations of all types—individual churches or synagogues, independent community ministries, regional diocese or archdiocese, denominational headquarters or federations, or even an international missions or mega-ministries.
     • Gain real-time financial visibility and operational insights.
     • Ensure strong financial controls.
     • Streamline reporting and compliance, while ensuring proper stewardship of funds.
     • Realize significant return on investment.
     • Provide anytime, anywhere access for breakthrough financial and regulatory reporting.
     • Seamlessly integrate financial management with key systems.
     • Dramatically reduce IT costs.

“We loved the idea of cloud computing and evaluated both NetSuite and Intacct as a replacement for ACS. We found Intacct to be superior for its depth of functionality, support for fund accounting, and overall flexibility and automation capabilities.”
—Director of Finance, Church

Franchises: Intacct helps leading franchises or franchise groups manage royalty payments, franchisee performance and overall franchise growth, analyze performance, and plan for expansion.
     • Optimize inventory, maximize profitability, and control costs.
     • Gain real-time financial and operational visibility tailored to your franchise business.
     • Ensure strong financial controls.
     • Easily manage complex financial structures.
     • Seamlessly integrate franchise accounting software with business critical applications.
     • Dramatically reduce IT costs.

“Intacct has put us in control of our financial information, both from a historical perspective and in a proactive, planning capacity.”
— VP of Finance and Operations, Franchise

Healthcare: Intacct helps leading healthcare organizations—such as small offices and mid-sized partnerships, practices with hundreds of specialists, plus laboratories, surgical and urgent care centers, and assisted living facilities—increase revenues through faster and more accurate billing, reduce costs by automating manual processes, and make better, faster business decisions by gaining real-time visibility into operational and financial data.
     • Gain real-time operational and financial visibility.
     • Accelerate billing and collection cycles and automate partnership accounting.
     • Easily manage complex financial structures.
     • Seamlessly integrate healthcare financial management with the rest of your business critical   applications.
     • Ensure world-class security, governance, compliance.
     • Dramatically reduce IT costs.

“Intacct offered us the financial capabilities we needed, at a price that fit in our budget.”
—Controller, Healthcare

Hospitality: Intacct helps leading hospitality businesses—such as single- and multiple-property hotels, restaurants, and tourism vendors—optimize operations, increase margins, automate manual processes, and make better, faster decisions.
     • Gain real-time financial and operational visibility tailored to your hospitality business.
     • Ensure strong financial controls.
     • Easily manage complex financial structures.
     • Seamlessly integrate financial management with business critical applications.
     • Dramatically reduce IT costs.

“We wanted a solution that would allow us to easily add and remove financial entities as we acquire and divest various properties. In addition, we needed a solution that would continue to allow us to do both centralized and decentralized accounting. Intacct meets these needs perfectly.”
— Director of Property Accounting, Hospitality

Nonprofits: Intacct helps leading nonprofits in every area—including charities, trade and membership associations, cultural institutions, charter schools, and faith-based organizations—handle fund accounting and grant management, gain control over finances, improve operations, increase transparency, and minimize costs.
     • Provide anytime, anywhere access and visibility.
     • Take advantage of robust fund accounting and grant management.
     • Monitor and track budgets.
     • Streamline reporting and compliance.
     • Simplify grant management.
     • Dramatically reduce IT costs.

“Intacct helps us save both time and money through automated and streamlined processes; and we can now devote those resources to expanding the reach and success of the Great Books Foundation.”
—CFO, Foundation

Professional services: Streamline, automate, and unify financial and operational processes throughout the service delivery lifecycle to increase revenue opportunities, improve financial decision making, and boost profitability with Intacct project accounting, project management, and services resource planning software. Focus on delivering exceptional client value, ensuring project profitability, reducing costs, and improving your company’s bottom line. Connect project information with robust financial management, and establish a single source of financial data throughout the service delivery lifecycle with Intacct Services Resource Planning end-to-end solutions.
     • Gain real-time resource and project financial visibility.
     • Streamline and automate time and expense capture.
     • Optimize utilization by managing resources more effectively.
     • Accelerate billing and collection cycles.
     • Automate revenue management.
     • Deliver real-time accessibility to your mobile workforce.
     • Dramatically reduce IT costs.

“The Intacct system enables the finance team to streamline processes and become even more efficient - allowing us to work smarter, not harder.”
— VP of Finance and Administration, Professional Services

Software and SaaS: Make more informed business decisions with comprehensive software revenue recognition management that provides real-time visibility into business performance. As a SaaS company, Intacct understands the issues your finance organization grapples with every day—from complex, evolving software revenue recognition guidelines and a disconnected quote-to-cash process, to complex subscription billing and renewals management challenges. That's why hundreds of software, SaaS, and cloud computing companies trust Intacct for their financial management system.
     • Streamline the quote-to-cash process with seamless integration to Salesforce.
     • Adapt and comply with evolving revenue recognition guidelines.
     • Support complex revenue arrangements with multiple deliverables.
     • Maximize renewal revenue.
     • Automate complex billing and order management.
     • Seamlessly connect project information with robust financial management.
     • Accelerate financial consolidation and close processes.
     • Gain real-time financial and operational visibility tailored to your software business.
     • Improve the return on your technology investment by dramatically reducing IT costs.
     • Take advantage of Intacct’ industry expertise and commitment to your satisfaction.

 “lntacct's advanced revenue management functionality allows us to more easily and accurately recognize and forecast revenues. All this has freed up time to allow the finance team to analyze data like we never could before.”
— SaaS Company

Wholesale distribution: Intacct cloud financial management and accounting software helps leading wholesale and distribution operations gain visibility into operating performance, sell goods and services, track inventory, manage multiple warehouses, and keep price lists up to date, with configurable processes that ensure timely updates and operational flexibility. Optimize order-to-cash and procure-to-pay processes using a professional-strength warehouse inventory system designed to help you improve operations and provide superior business visibility.
     • Make faster, better decisions with real-time financial and operational visibility tailored to your wholesale and distribution business.
     • Easily configure and extend Intacct to fit the way your business operates.
     • Seamlessly connect Intacct with other business critical applications.
     • Dramatically reduce IT costs.