EHTC Technology Solutions Inventory Planning™

Easy Inventory Planning for Microsoft Dynamics® SL

Inventory Planning delivers an easy and effective process for managing your inventory quantities in Microsoft Dynamics SL. Many companies do not need an overly-complicated inventory replenishment solution. They simply need to know what items have to be ordered and require a simple process for generating the purchase orders.

The only prerequisites for running Inventory Planner are the Dynamics SL Inventory and Purchasing modules. So, you can manage inventory replenishment without the need to upgrade to the more expensive Advanced Management Enterprise Business Ready license. Inventory Planning works just fine with the Business Essential license.

Inventory Planning Makes Inventory Management Painless

Using Inventory Planning is straightforward and easy. You generate a purchasing plan for select items by setting the criteria for the items you would like to include. Then, by simply pressing the Generate Plan button, a purchasing plan is created for you. Review the plan and make any necessary changes, such as the vendor and order quantity. When you are satisfied with the plan, click the Generate PO’s button and Inventory Planning automatically creates the appropriate purchase orders. It’s really just that easy!


  • Break down your replenishment plans into smaller, more manageable lists by using detailed filtering.
  • Maintain sufficient quantity-on-hand without maintaining complex spreadsheets or relying on “the ol’ gut feeling.”
  • You no longer have to remember or look up your favorite vendor for each inventory item.
  • Inventory Planner creates less paperwork by consolidating all the items for a particular vendor onto a single purchase order.
  • You are in control. Inventory Planning is a tool that allows you to have the final say on how many items to purchase and from whom they should be purchased.


Inventory Planning reviews the min/max and reorder point setting for your inventory items and creates an editable worksheet. The worksheet lists all the items that need to be replenished and populates the grid with the defined reorder amount, as well as the default vendor. You can review and change the contents of the grid as much as you like and when you are finished you simply tell Inventory Planning to generate the necessary purchase orders.

Don’t worry if you have a long and complex list of inventory items with more sites than you care to manage in a single plan. Inventory Planning allows you to generate purchasing plans based on a number of filters such as partial item ID, site ID, class ID, vendor ID and many others.

Technical Requirements
Inventory Planner requires the installation and configuration of these Dynamics SL modules:

  • Dynamics SL Module – Inventory
  • Dynamics SL Module – Purchasing

Supported Dynamics SL Versions
Microsoft Dynamics SL version 4.21 and above

Please contact your Microsoft Business Partner for availability and pricing information..