Litigation Support Services

Legal proceedings can be extremely subjective situations and emotionally draining for those involved. EHTC recognizes this and offers a sympathetic, informed and objective point of view during these difficult times.

In addition, litigation and other types of business negotiations often involve complex accounting, tax and financial matters requiring the specialized knowledge of experienced CPAs.

We assist by providing you and your attorneys with confidential, quality advice and assistance. We are also readily available as we know court proceedings often require timely, immediate responses and information.

Some of the ways we help our clients include:

General Litigation

  • Expert witness testimony
  • Calculation of damages
  • Analysis of financial records and documents
  • Calculation of profits/losses from business ventures
  • Calculation of tax consequences
  • Assistance with depositions
  • Property tax appeals
  • Income tax appeals
  • Calculation of embezzlement-related losses
  • Preparation for arbitration and/or mediation cases


  • Analysis of cash transactions
  • Analysis of earnings
  • Preparation of personal property inventory
  • Business-interest valuations
  • Property-interest valuations and distributions
  • Analysis of income tax issues

Trial Preparation

In a courtroom, what often matters isn't what happened, but how the case is presented. In many instances, neither the judge nor the jury (if applicable) has the background to properly evaluate the technical matters being presented. EHTC's years of experience are invaluable when the how becomes important.

Frequently, our most important consultation occurs during the early preparation stage when we can assist legal counsel in determining a litigation plan.

When you involve EHTC during the earliest stages of your legal situation, we can often help your attorney facilitate a quick settlement -- thus, helping you bypass expensive and time-consuming litigation.