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Updated EHTC Communication on COVID-19

EHTC Communication on COVID-19

EHTC's 33rd Annual Chipping for Charity Golf Outing Recipient

Should You Extend Your 2019 Tax Return?

Has the TCJA Lowered Your Taxes?

Be Careful When Saving for Your Kids' Education

Age-Related Tax and Financial Planning Milestones

10 Elections To Save Money On Your 2019 Return

Team Member Spotlight - David G. Echelbarger, CPA/CGMA

Important Tax Figures for 2020

SECURE Act Affects Retirement and Tax Planning for Individuals

EHTC Announces Jenny Hashley, CPA as Partner

What Employers Should Know about HSAs

14 Tax-Favored Fringe Benefits: What's the Right Mix for Your Business?

EHTC named one of the 2019 "Accounting Today's Best Accounting Firms to Work For"

David Echelbarger, CPA/CGMA Appointed to Board of Directors at First National Bank of Michigan

Hot Midyear Tax Planning Ideas for Individuals

Summer Loving? Think About Taxes Before You Tie the Knot

Myths and Truths about Business Valuation

IRS Announces Changes for Personal Use of Employer-Provided Vehicles

Handle with Care: The Nanny Tax Rules

Master the Fundamentals of Estate Planning

Exploring the Cashless Movement in Retail

Understanding IRS Audit Guidance

Medical Costs: Can I Really Get a Tax Break for That?

Navigate the Tax Rules for Boats and RVs

Cloud Today - Work Anywhere from Everywhere

Technology May Help Solve Your Staffing Needs

Delinquent Taxpayers May Experience Passport Issues

It's Not Too Late for Some Business Owners to Lower Their 2018 Taxes

If Adopted, Overtime Pay Rules May Expand to More Employees

5 Last-Minute Ideas to Lower Your 2018 Taxes

Tax Issues to Consider When Small Business Owners Get Divorced

Age Has its Privileges ... and Penalties

How the Current Tax Law Affects Charitable Giving from IRAs

IRS Issues Final QBI Deduction Regulations

Be Careful When Saving for Your Kids' Education

2018 Income Tax Withholdings: Too Much, Too Little or Just Right?

Important Tax Figures for 2019

Maximize Social Security Benefits When You Retire

Estate Tax Planning Tips for Married Couples

Tax Cheer for Holiday Gifts to Employees

Grand Rapids Cybersecurity Panel 2018

7 Year-End Tax Planning Moves for Small Businesses

How Much Does the IRS Let Delinquent Taxpayers Live On Each Month?

Employers: IRS Updates Business Travel Per Diems

When Is Service Business Income Eligible for the New QBI Deduction?

Gen Z May Change How You Manage Employees

Is it Time to Rebid Your Vendor Contracts?

QBI Deduction Provides Tax Break to Pass-Through Entity Owners

What's Next for State Tax Nexus?

Pull the Plug on Employee Theft

Make Your Workplace Drug Free

A Closer Look at the Excess Earnings Method

Ensure You Qualify for Charitable Donation Deductions

New ACA Legal Battle Could Affect Individual and Employer Health Coverage

Tax Consequences of Borrowing From a Retirement Plan

Supreme Court Spotlights Employee Status: Exempt or Not?

6 Cool Ways to Save Taxes During the Hot Summer Months

New Tax Law Boosts Appeal of Qualified Small Business Corporations

Know the Rules Before Checking Employee Medical Records

Plan Now to Reduce AMT Exposure

Self-Audit Program May Help Employers Correct Wage Errors

FAQs about Deducting Interest on Home Loans under the New Tax Law

Save or Shred? Follow These Recordkeeping Guidelines

Financial Scrapbooking Event - April 23, 2018

Keep Your Fleet Safe and Save Money

Limit the Impact of E-Mail in Court

Survey: Employers Adapt Quickly to Withholding Tax Changes

Are Roth IRAs Still Beneficial under the New Tax Law?

The Best Way to Handle an Inheritance

Benefits Cost Employers a Bundle

Good News! More Families May Be Eligible for the Child Credit in 2018

Close-Up on Mortgage Interest Deduction Rules

Tax Law Ends Alimony Deductions after 2018

3 Affordable Care Act Taxes Postponed by Congress

6 Last-Chance Tax Breaks: Do You Qualify?

The ABCs of Business Valuation

New Law Revamps the Kiddie Tax

Be Careful When Saving for Your Kids' Education

Let's Take a Closer Look at New Business Tax Reforms

Many Businesses Will Celebrate Tax Cuts in the New Tax Year

Important Changes for Individuals in the New Tax Law

Dialing in on Smartphones for Kids

Don't Overlook Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions

ROTH IRAs: A Great Estate Planning Vehicle

Violence Strikes the Workplace

Why Have a Business Valued?

Handle with Care: The Nanny Tax Rules

Year-End Business Tax Planning Strategies in Light of Tax Reform

Inheriting a Spouse's IRA? Plan Carefully

Business Borrowers: Here's What to Include in Your Loan Application

Build a Gold Medal Staff

Ten Sources of Tax-Free Income

Turn More Salespeople into Superstars

Will You Have to Pay Tax on Social Security Benefits?

Make Your Advertising Withstand FTC Scrutiny

Recent Incidents Fuel Concerns over Breach Response

What You Need to Know About 529 Plan Withdrawals

Maximize the Tax Deductions Available for Your Generosity

How a Deductible Home Office Affects a Sale

How to Save Tax with an Installment Sale

Access the Coverage You Need

Federal Contractors Get a Minimum Wage Increase in 2018

Are You Ready for the New IRS Partnership Audit Rules?

Maximize Social Security Benefits When You Retire

Recent Breach Highlights the Vulnerability of Your Personal Data

Report Warns Retirees about Potential Downsides of Reverse Mortgages

Win the Salary Game

IRS Guidance on Leave-Sharing Programs to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Learn the ABCs of Higher Education Tax Breaks

Keep Tabs on Your Living Trust

IRS: Swap Your Vacation Home in Tax-Deferred Exchange

Meal Deductions: Tax Rest for the Weary

Bring Home a Tax Credit for Adoption

Real Estate Investors: Let's Talk about Like-Kind Exchanges

Revenue Recognition for Contracts: Changes Coming Soon

Handling Financial Affairs After Remarriage

How Much Does the IRS Let Delinquent Taxpayers Live On?

Demonstrate that Your Firm Won't Tolerate Harassment

Do You Have a Deductible Business Loss or a Nondeductible Hobby Loss?

Goodwill: Personal or Business - and why Does it Matter?

How to Set Up an IRS-Approved Family Loan

Hockey Team's Meals at Away Games Were a De Minimis Fringe Benefit

Converting an Unincorporated Business into an S Corp

Save on Taxes While Doing Good

Notify the IRS if You Change Your Address

Answers to Your Questions about Marital Status and Tax Returns

Can Your Research Credits Offset Your Payroll Tax Bill?

Good PR Can Help Your Company Avoid Litigation

Consider Taxes Before Converting Your Home to a Rental Property

Spouses are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Don't Sink Profitable Ideas

Ten Reasons to Have a Will and Estate Plan

Sharing Tax Issues in the Sharing Economy

Hire the Right Person - And Stay Out of Trouble Doing It

Turning Down An Inheritance

Green Tax Breaks: Are You Claiming All the Credits You Deserve?

Investigate Operations Before Signing an Employment Contract

Capital vs. Ordinary: Classifying Income and Losses Affects Your Taxes

Wedding Bells and Taxes: Tax Issues to Consider Before Tying the Knot

Fine-Tune Marketing Efforts by Eyeballing the Competition

Writing Off Worthless Stock Investments

Become a Winner by Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

10 Simple (and Fun) Ways to Cut Taxes This Summer

Employer Can Have Info about Whether Misclassified Workers Paid Tax

Financial Survival Tips for Recent Graduates

Leaving a Legacy for Your Heirs

Collect Tax-Free Profit From Selling Your Home

Non-Compete Agreements: What Can They Accomplish?

Spring Cleaning: When Can You Purge Your Old Financial Records?

Financial Scrapbooking Event - April 25, 2017

Recent Developments May Affect Passive Investors with Losses

Maximize Write-Offs for Business Interest Expense

4 Tips for Claiming Higher Education Credits

Relying on Audit Techniques Guides

Which Parent Gets Child-Related Tax Breaks After Divorce?

Investigate Zoning Laws Before Committing to a Location

Lack of Marketability Discount Requires Empirical Support

There's Still Time to Set Up a SEP for 2016

Examine Backgrounds Before You Hire

Tax-Advantaged Ways to Help Educate the Grandchildren

Consider Section 179 Deductions for Real Estate Expenses

IRS Reports a Significant Increase in Whistleblower Awards

IRS Updates FAQs on Certain ACA Provisions

Are you Eligible for the Health Insurance Premium Tax Credit?

Tax Fraud Awareness: How to Protect Your Identity and Assets

Build Teams for Growth and Success

Points to Consider Before Making Gifts to Children

When Can You Deduct Moving Expenses?

FBI Case Exposes Massive Telefraud Scheme

Debt or Equity? New Guidance Helps You Decide

Don't Overlook a ROTH IRA if You are Self-Employed

Turn Sweat Equity into Tax-Free Profit

The Joint Committee on Taxation Report Summary

Tax Responsibilities After Someone Dies

IRS Extends Deadline to Provide 2016 ACA Forms to Recipients

Year-End Reminder: Don't Forget FSAs

New Overtime Rules Suspended for Now

New Version of Form I-9 Issued

When Your Stock is Worth...Nothing

Form 1099 Filing Alert

Get Ready Businesses: Some Filing Due Dates are Changing

Year-End Tax Strategies for Small Businesses

Fraud Alert: The ACFE Puts a Spotlight on White Collar Crime

Managing the Ups and Downs of Seasonal Business

Seize Trade Show Opportunities

New IRS Regs on Disguised Sales Affect Partnerships and LLCs

Charting Your Way to Success

IRS Issues New Regs on Allocating Debt to Partners and LLC Members

IRS: We Disagree with Court Decision Involving Customer Loyalty Discounts

Business Valuation Approaches As Easy As 1-2-3

Avoiding Digital Disruption While Heading Toward the Future

Beware of a 100% Personal Liability Penalty

Dividing Assets and Tax Bills in Divorce

What You Need to Know About the Alternative Minimum Tax

How to Make the Most of Medical Expense Deductions

The Employer's Role in Documenting Workers

Get Up and Running After a Disaster

Increase Your Chances of Success

The Market Approach: A Touchstone in Valuation

Seven Strategies for Better Results with Employees

Avoid Retirement Account Rollover Pitfalls

Loan Applications: Put Your Best Foot Forward

Free Speech Limits in the Workplace

Are You Ready for the New Overtime Rules?

B2B Advertising: Sell the Steak

How Consumer Protection Laws Affect Your Business

Seven Reasons to Update Your Will

Don't Take Tax Chances on Gambling

It's Time to Review Your Financial Planning Options

Maximize Profits By Minimizing 'Departmentalism'

Tax-Savvy Planning Strategies for Inherited IRAs

No Current Deductions Before Business Commences

Rx for Itemizing Medical Expenses

To Forgive Is Not Always Divine

Back-to-School Tips for Grownups

Pokémon Go: It's Not Just for Kids Anymore

Compare and Contrast the Republican and Democratic Tax Reforms

What Does it Mean if the IRS Files a Lien?

Guard Against Age-Bias Suits When Downsizing

Setting Up a Special Needs Trust

7 Tax-Savvy Ways to Give to Charity

3 Taxes People Love to Hate

What to Do If You Haven't Filed Last Year's Tax Return or Can't Pay the Bill

Using Dual Monitors Saves Paper and Time

Workplace Dress Code: A Delicate Balance

FAQs about Social Security Retirement Benefits

The Financial Rewards of Buying a Condo for Your Kid's College Housing

IRS Allows Exceptions for Missed Retirement Account Rollover Deadlines

Tee Off for Success

Save Taxes with Employer-Provided Transportation Fringe Benefits

Relief from Student Loan Debt: What Are The Tax Implications?

Divorce Valuations: Active versus Passive Appreciation

Can a Modest-Income Elderly Person Stop Filing Tax Returns?

Midyear Planning for Vacation Home Rentals with Significant Personal Use

Business Interruption Claims Require Professional Help

Executive Compensation: How Much is Too Much?

More Adult Children Opting to Live with Parents

Can You Have Too Much Money in Tax-Deferred IRAs?

A Trust to Help Fund The Payment of Estate Taxes

How Elements of Control Affect Value

10 Midyear Tax Planning Moves Inspired by the PATH Act

The Challenges of Administering Family and Medical Leave

New Overtime Rules Issued: What it Means for You

Affordable Care Act Planning Webcast

For Richer or Poorer: Financial and Legal Considerations in Marriage

Updated FLSA Minimum Wage and Overtime Standards for White Collar Workers

Selling Your Practice in the Future? Eight Steps to Prepare

New Study Confirms the Prevalence and Cost of White Collar Crime

Six Tactics to Improve Your Search Engine Results

Made in America: The Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Global Opportunities

Building the Workforce of Tomorrow Starts Today

Follow Detailed Recordkeeping Rules for Vehicle Deductions

How to Create an Effective Small Business Website

The Latest Tax Developments for Partnerships

Protect Your Account from Identity Theft and Fraud

Avoiding the 10% Penalty on Early IRA Withdrawals

Navigating the social Media minefield

Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow

Why Business Owners Don't Plan for Succession - and Why it's Critical

IRS Reveals List of Top Scams for 2016

Write Email Messages with Selling Power

Rx for Itemizing Medical Expenses

Could your Business Benefit from the Work Opportunity Credit?

Why Business Owners Don't Plan for Succession - and Why it's Critical

Strictly Speaking: Travel and Entertainment Recordkeeping

Five Last-Minute Moves to Lower Your 2015 Tax Bill

Educate Yourself about the Tax benefits for higher education

Focus on Your Profit Centers

10 Facts You Should Know about the Do Not Call Registry

Age Has its Privileges...and Penalties

David G. Echelbarger To be on Expert Panel

Help Your Kids Build a Fortune With a Roth IRA

10 Elections That Could Save Money on Your 2015 Federal Taxes

Important Tax Figures for 2016

Robin M. Stoner, CPA/MST To Speak at Upcoming SCORE Workshop

Fit Finances for 2016

Making the Most of a Flexible Spending Arrangement

Surprising Mistakes Employers May Face

Federal Reserve ends an Era of near-Zero Rates

A Gift from Uncle Sam: Congress Passes the Extenders Package

Margie S. (Gerencer) Brown, CPA/MBA/CGMA Named a Top Certified Public Accountant in Grand Rapids, MI

Make the Most of Year-End Physical Inventory Counts

A Dozen Ways to Negotiate Better

Last-Minute Tax Savings: Hurry Before Time Runs Out

Could Buying a Heavy SUV, Pickup or Van Help Save Taxes?

Don't Overlook Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions

Save the Date: International Fraud Awareness Week

Seasonal IRS Announcements: Stop To Reflect on Taxes

Postponement of EHTC’s 2015 Chipping for Charity

How College Financial Aid Benefits Are Taxed

Shave Payroll Costs for Shared Employees

New Trade Law Stiffens Penalties for Certain Taxpayers

Tax Deadline Reminder: FBARs Due by June 30

Businesses: How to Help Prepare for Audit Season

The Latest News on the Personal Use of Company Cars

Ten Tax Breaks Available for Parents

Start the New Year With a Personal Finance Checkup

Ten Ways to Receive Tax-Free Income

Important Tax Figures for 2015

Changes for Michigan Sales, Use, and Withholding Taxes

The Present and Future of the Self-Employment Tax

How College Financial Aid Benefits are Taxed

Act NOW to Benefit from Business Tax Breaks Extended by Congress

Congress Extends Many Tax Breaks for Individuals

Employer Penalty Alert for Reimbursing Employee Health Coverage

IRS Mileage Rates for 2015 Announced

Ten Techniques to Increase Your Company's Profits

Watch Out for Potential Tax Bill When Converting Corporation

Collect Tax-Free Profit From Selling Your Home

Hosting a Holiday Party That Even the Grinch Would Enjoy

Paying Employees to Buy Health Coverage? Know the Ground Rules

Year-End Marital Status and Taxes: Timing Is Everything

Advice for Snowbirds Buying a Second Home

What You Need to Know About 529 Plan Withdrawals

2015 Chipping for Charity Non Profit Application Process

Test Your Fraud IQ

IRS Announces Various Tax Benefit Increases for 2015

Tax Court Settles the Score on Sports Collectibles Activity

IRS Issues Clarification of Once-a-Year IRA Rollover Limit

Master the Fundamentals of Estate Planning

Tax Consequences of Borrowing From a Retirement Plan

Home Improvement Tax Saver

Think Outside the Gift Box This Holiday Season

What's the Outlook for the Expired Tax Breaks?

IRS and Social Security Announce Increased Benefits for 2015

Will You Have to Pay Tax on Social Security Benefits?

Making the Most of a Flexible Spending Arrangement

Get Ready for Upcoming Affordable Care Act Compliance Deadlines

Court Decisions Make It Easier to Deduct LLC Losses

Why Business Owners Don't Plan for Succession -- and Why it's Critical

SEC Crackdown: How Effective Are Your Anti-Fraud Controls?

Ten Year-End Tax Planning Ideas for Individuals

Answers to Questions about Wage Garnishment

Be Aware of the '100 Percent Penalty'

Are You Ready to Play the Charitable Giving Game?

Avoid Family Feuds When Distributing Assets - Estate Planning

Can You Have Too Much Money in Tax-Deferred IRAs?

How Synergy Affects Price - Business Valuation

U.S. Labor Dept. Announces Final Rule for Federal Contract Workers

Can a Modest-Income Elderly Person Stop Filing Tax Returns?

Protect Your Business After an Emergency

Business Travel Per Diems May Simplify Expense Reporting

Investing in College: Tax Credits & Other Tips to Maximize Tax Return

Chipping for Charity Raised $10,000 for Ele's Place !

Award Points: What's Includable in Taxable Income?

Tap into the Power of Customer Testimonial

Reduce Contention and Cost in a Divorce with a Joint Appraiser

Could the Tech Industry's Delectable Food Policies Take a Tax Hit?

Answers to Questions about Corporate Tax Inversions

Tee Off for Success

EHTC's 28th Annual Chipping for Charity - rescheduled

Would a Revocable Trust Be Beneficial for You?

Think About Your Future Tax Bills

How to Set Up an IRS-Approved Family Loan

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child? Plenty!

New IRS Guidance on Changing Accounting Method for Retail Inventory

New FCC Text-to-911 Rules: Obstacles and Reminders

Can You Squeeze in a Home Office Deduction?

Tracking Plastic Spending Accounts for Hidden Assets

IRS 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights' Is Now in Six Languages

EHTC's 28th Annual Chipping for Charity!

A Cautionary Tale about Charitable Donations

Squeeze More Out of a Company Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP)

Leaving IRA Money to Charity: A Tax-Smart Strategy

Retirement Planning: Foresee to Provide for the Future

DOs and DON'Ts for Deducting Meals, Entertainment, and Travel

Who Will Have Access to Your 'Digital Assets' When You Die?

Governor Snyder Appoints Dennis Echelbarger

Pregnancy Discrimination is Alive and Well in the American Workplace

HSAs Growing: Significant Tax Benefits Available to Top Earners

Keep Your Company Vehicle(s) Safe and Save Money

What's the Buzz With Your Staff?

IRS Allows Exceptions for Missed Retirement Account Rollover Deadlines

New 'SupplierPay' Program: Faster Payments, More Favorable Terms

Who Are the Latest IRS Targets? A List of 22 Audit Triggers

Need a New Vehicle? Save Money with Hot End-of-Summer Deals

Making Sales With Installment Payments

Value is in the Eye of the Beholder -- or Beholders

Conflicting Court Rulings involving ACA Tax Subsidies in Some States

Scratching Up Seed Money

Hire the Right Person - And Stay Out of Trouble Doing It

IRS: Swap Your Vacation Home in Tax-Deferred Exchange

How to Prevent a Struggling Business from Crumbling

Caution is the Cornerstone of Comparative Ads

EHTC's 28th Annual Chipping for Charity!

New Policy: Unused Taxpayer ID Numbers

Supreme Court Will Add Specifics to the Definition of Work

What to Consider Before Jumping on the Hiring Bandwagon

Can Pension Benefits Be Deducted as Alimony?

Documentation is Key to Car and Truck Expenses

Deadlines Have a Powerful Marketing Effect

The Source of a Satisfied Customer

IRS Shores Up Its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program

Happy Independence Day!

How to Get the Best of Health FSA Carryovers and HSA Contributions

Maximize Social Security Benefits When You Retire

How a Deductible Home Office Affects a Sale

What Does it Mean if the IRS Files a Lien?

Summer Travel: Spotlight on Rising Gas Prices

Tax Court Cautionary Tale: Classifying Workers as Contractors

Summer Travel: Tips for Saving Money and Possibly Taxes

Managing the High Cost of Higher Education

Safeguard Your Companys Good Name

Tax Implications on Cancellation of Debt

Deductions for Temporary Out-of-Town Work Assignments

Will Greener EPA Rules Leave Less Green in Your Pocket?

Business Finance: The Art of Bill Collecting

Don't Take Chances on Gambling

New Fraud Study: How Can Your Organization Prevent Losses?

Update on the IRA 'One Rollover a Year' Rule

Avoid Retirement Account Rollover Pitfalls

How to Handle IRS Notices

Study Analyzes the Impact of the ‘Amazon Tax’

Deadline Coming Up to Report Foreign Account Holdings

Getting Married: Your Financial 'Honey-Do' List

Inundated with Tax Clutter? Here's What You Can Toss

Facebook Firings: Think Before You Leap

IRA Rollover Court Case Contradicts Longstanding Interpretation

Estate Planning: Check Your Beneficiary Designations

Another Delay of the ACA Health Care Mandate for Some Employers

The New Farm Law Gives and Takes Away

Smart Device Users Beware: Fraud May Be Just a Click Away

New for 2014: Penalty for Not Complying with the Individual Mandate

Goodwill Amortization: A Taste of 'Little GAAP'

State of the Union: What Might Be Ahead?

Pressure Builds to Raise Minimum Wage. What Does it Mean?

Can You Guess the Six 'Most-Hated Taxes' in America?

FLSA Guidance from the Courts: Good News for Employers

Scorecard of Key Expired Tax Breaks

New Rules Ease Limits on Dental, Vision Plans

What's New on Your 2013 Form 1040

Smart Hiring: Time for a Refresher Course?

2014 New Year’s Resolution: Tone Your Finances

Important Tax Figures for 2014

Get Ready for ACA Changes Coming Your Way This Year

Are Your Employees Too Stressed to Stay Healthy? You Can Help

EHTC Welcomes Erik C. Olson, CPA

2014 Not-for-Profit Search: Chipping for Charity

New Capitalization Regulations

Wrap Up Last-Chance Tax Breaks for 2013

Win-Win: Hire a Veteran by December 31 and Save on Taxes

IRS Announces Standard Mileage Rates for 2014

Food for Thought When Making Year-End Charitable Contributions

Tax-planning Opportunities For Parents, Students, Even Grandparents

Does Your Business Strategy Include CRM?

EHTC Article: Do I Need Professional Appraisals of My Non-cash Gifts?

EHTC: Impact of Claiming Section 179 Deductions for Real Property

IRS Allows $500 Carryover for Unused Healthcare FSAs

Planning to Hire Temps for the Holiday Season? Look Before You Leap

Are You Overpaying Your Taxes? How To Tell And What To Do

What's Ahead? IMF Predicts Slow but Steady U.S. Comeback

Is America Falling Behind in Workplace Skills?

Time to SHOP for a Health Plan? IRS Fine Tunes the Tax Credit


Think You Have an ERISA Plan? Don't Be So Sure

Paying for Performance and 2014 Raises: What Others are Planning

Don't Be Haunted by Inappropriate Halloween Festivities at Work

What Does the Federal Government Shutdown Mean for Taxes?

Deadline for Reversing 2012 Roth Conversions Is Closing In

What Do Today's Parents Spend on Raising a Child?

IRS Fine Tunes the Small Employer Tax Credit for Healthcare Costs

ACA Update: Penalty Rules, Deadline Looming & Overall Confusion

Charitable Giving: Which Americans Are the Most Generous?

Plan Ahead as if You Will Be Audited

Dan Holzgen is Promoted to Director of the SBS Group Grand Rapids

Exciting Changes for EHTC’s Technology Solutions

Help Your Employees Appreciate Your Investment in Them

When Is an Executive Personally Liable for Claims Against a Business?


Which Employers Must Pay the New 'PCORI' Fee Due July 31?

Delay in ACA Employer Mandate: Opportunity to Regroup

IRS Offers Streamlined Option for Tax-Exempt 501(c)(4) Status

Relief Options for Spotlight Worker Classification Issues

Unpaid Interns: The Landscape Has Changed

Tax Court: Contractor Misrepresentations Result in Homeowner Loss

Complying with Federal Laws When Hiring Teen Employees

Tax Rules When Your Business Trip Involves a Passport

Self-Employed: Tax-Saving On Business/Vacation Domestic Travel

Tax and Other Considerations When Selling Your Home

Crafting Job Descriptions with Legal Hazards in Mind

June 17 Deadline for Some Taxpayers with Foreign Assets

Q&As About the IRS Scandal and How to Obtain Tax-Exempt Status

Did You Get an IRS Notice with a Late Payment Penalty?

Pay No Federal Tax on Qualified Small Business Stock

Lease Accounting: Proposal Would Mean Major Changes

Want Tax-Free Income? There Are Still Ways to Receive It

Anticipating a Termination? Avoid the Legal Hazards

Deadline Coming Up to Report Foreign Account Holdings

Update on the Section 179 Deduction Tax Break

Check Out Self-Insurance as Health Coverage Deadline Looms

Rethinking your 401k?

Health Savings Account Limits for 2014

Getting a Handle on Intermittent FMLA Leave

Healthcare Law Deadlines in Place, Coming Up & Delayed

How Do I Fix an Error on My Federal Tax Return After Filing?

What are the Tax Consequences of Foreclosure?

Buried in Tax Paperwork? What Can You Throw Away?


Employers: Gain Extra Time to Claim the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

The New I-9 Forms Soon to be Mandatory

When Must I Report My 2010 Roth IRA Conversion?

What Kinds of Tax Breaks are Available to Help Offset College Costs?

Important Tax Figures for 2013

Protect Your Intellectual Property from Theft

IRS Cracks Down on Tax ID Theft: Could You Be a Victim?

Federal Benefit Payments Require Direct Deposit for Retirees

Now that Congress Has Averted the Fiscal Cliff, What Does it Mean for Me?

New IRS Compliance Program Targeting Businesses

IRS Announces Penalty Relief for Farmers and Fishermen

Have a wonderful New Year!

A Safety-First Approach to Year-End Gifting

Microsoft Dynamics SL Statement of Direction

Microsoft Dynamics GP Statement of Direction

6 Tax Breaks for 'Going Green'

How Can Our Organization Arrange Corporate Sponsorships and Avoid Paying UBIT?

Tax Tips for Michigan Businesses

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Consumer Alert from the IRS

8 Ways to Help Improve Your Company's Cash Flow?


Dealing With a CCC Loan in Your Farm Business?

Need to Withdraw Money From Your IRA?

Save Energy & Increase Your Bottom Line

Social Security History Quiz

Currency History Quiz

Hidden Profits — How to Find Them?

Not Saving Enough for Retirement?

Is This Your Situation — Going to School to Advance Your Career?

Building Tax Breaks for Disability Accommodations

Five Trends Shaping the Accounting Industry

Is This Your Situation — Want to Collect Deductions Sooner?

Is This Your Situation — Have an Office at Home?

Is This Your Situation — Making Employees Partners or Shareholders?

Detecting Fraud in Your Business

'Taxmageddon:' Prepare to Potentially Pay More on Investment Income

Six Issues for Businesses to Consider When Managing Remote Employees

Sports: The Lingo of Business

IRS Reminds Small Business Owners about Lucrative Tax Breaks

Healthcare Tax Changes that Remain in Place

Business Values and the 'Baby Boomer Effect'

The Supreme Court Adds Clarity to a Much Disputed Overtime Pay Issue


Qualified Retirement Plans

Guide to Successful ERP Implementation

Leveraging Technology for Today's Business

JOBS Act Aims to Spur Business Growth




Harnessing The Power of Facebook and CRM Data

CRM Mobility and Social Engagement - The 2Q 2012 Release

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Road Map

Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL Statements of Direction

EHTC Hires New Staff Accountant, Alex J. Host

EHTC Promotes Margie S. Gerencer, CPA/MBA to Client Services Manager

Modify QuickBooks Reports to Provide Better Financial Insight: Part 1

EHTC Hires New Administrative Assistant, Jodi L. VanGorp

3 Critical ERP Considerations for Small to Mid-Size Companies

Delivering Social Productivity for Your Business - Dynamics CRM

IRS Announces 2012 Inflation-Adjusted Figures (Tax Law $ Limits)

QuickBooks - Customer Refunds: Are You Doing Them Correctly?

Need a Business Vehicle? Depreciation Opportunities Available

Video: Where are Microsoft's Cloud Datacenters?

Shawn E. Pearce Earns CPA License and is Promoted

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Holiday Season User Offer

QuickBooks 2012: New Paths to Better Financial Management – Part 2

Microsoft Dynamics SL Targets Needs of Professional Service Organizations

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions - Now on Sale!

Take Advantage of Tax Breaks that May Expire Soon

QuickBooks 2012: New Paths to Better Financial Management – Part 1

IRS Announces Settlement Offer on Misclassified Workers

10 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Accounting Application

QuickBooks Classes and Types - When and How to Use Them

Valuation Information: Issue 13:3 Estate of Sylvia Riese, Deceased, Ellen C. Grimes and Judith A. Zipp, Executors, Petitioners v. Commissioner

The Path to Business Intelligence Applications for Midsize Businesses

Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM – Manage Your Sales

Mobility and CRM... It's Here!

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Excel Reports

EHTC's Director of Taxation Participates in IRS Roundtable Discussion

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Lauded by Analysts

QuickBooks Job-Tracking Adds Precision to Your Company

Y2K Revisited: Is It Time to Upgrade Your Accounting System?

Cloud Computing — Sounds Great! What Is It?

Dennis M. Echelbarger Appointed to the Aquinas College Board of Trustees

Load the Pipeline: Marketing in Dynamics CRM

QuickBooks 2008 Will Retire May 31, 2011

Margie S. Gerencer, CPA Elected to Kent Medical Foundation’s Board of Directors

It's Official... Microsoft Dynamics® SL 2011 Has Been Launched!

Drive Superior Results with a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solutions

Accelerators Live On In Dynamics CRM 2011

The How, When, and Why to Utilizing Sales Orders in QuickBooks

EHTC Selected as Intuit Solution Provider

Make a Statement with QuickBooks

EHTC Technology Solutions Hires Software Developer Andrew D. Esther

EHTC Adds Senior Accountant, Julie M. Kaiser, CPA, to Audit & Accounting Team

Repetitive Transactions – Memorize ’em

Building Value Newsletter Volume IX Issue 1

Make a New Year’s Resolution: Adopt Best Practices

EHTC Promotes Damian W. Casey to ERP Practice Manager