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Does Your Business Strategy Include CRM?

Posted on Tue, Dec 03, 2013

Higher client expectations and economic demands are causing organizations of all sizes to re-evaluate how technology can help them strengthen client relationships and grow their company.  As businesses focus on improving efficiency and increasing productivity, they need to also ensure that their Business Development efforts are as effective as possible.  A well-integrated CRM system supplements practice management initiatives and pays significant dividends with improved client retention, direct referrals, and new customer acquisition.

Companies that incorporate a CRM system consider it an important part of their business strategy.  CRM provides these businesses with reliable & centralized client data, strategic marketing advantages and improved customer satisfaction.  Once considered a luxury reserved for large enterprises, CRM software has become a critical component for success that is now accessible to any business.

Biz shaking handsWhat is CRM?(Customer/Client Relationship Management)
CRM software offers a central database to track and manage all of your company's critical customer information including pending and past business transactions, inquiries, communications, as well as projects, schedules and client interactions.  Anyone speaking with a customer or prospect can refer to the CRM contact record and immediately know everything they need to respond appropriately and answer their questions.

As the speed of business increases and the amount of information grows, CRM has become a necessity for businesses that need to do more with fewer resources.

Benefits of CRM
With a good CRM system in place, companies can expect to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve cash flow.  Once all client, prospect, vendor and employee information is centralized, the CRM provides business continuity and makes your business information a truly valuable business asset.  Your CRM system becomes the source of knowledge that tells you your most valuable business sources and where to focus your marketing efforts. 

Whenever you pick up the phone or engage an email, your CRM system becomes your information hub; it's where you go to immediately know who it is you're engaging, how you know them, what they were promised, what was delivered and even know if there is a balance due on the account.  With CRM, firms can maximize productivity, manage workflow and ultimately stay competitive.

CRM Integration

When a CRM Solution is designed to be fully integrated with Outlook and your financial softwware, the CRM system becomes all-encompassing to the data that matters from communications, to operations to finance.  A CRM system that has Document Management capability, enhances the contact record.  It becomes the only place you need to look for client-related emails, documents, and notes. 


Businesses use CRM to stay competitive and become more productive.  CRM is effective for managing workflow, improving client satisfaction, and maximizing business development efforts.  If you are not currently using CRM to supplement your organization's management systems, 2014 may be a good time to consider the many ways your business would benefit by implementing an integrated CRM solution. Please contact Dan Holzgen, Director of SBS Group Grand Rapids, for further information.

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