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Turning Company Financial Data into Business Decisions

Posted on Fri, Oct 30, 2020

Financial Goals

As a business owner, do you know where your company is at financially? Are you monitoring the financial progress by establishing financial goals? Have you assessed your company’s financial situation and developed key performance indicators (KPIs) to turn financial data into information to make business decisions? EHTC’s Accounting Services team, lead by Ben Boekeloo CPA, has the understanding and knowledge to develop a monthly financial statement package to bring awareness of financial impacts to your business.


If you are not already closely monitoring the financial progress of your company, now is the time to start. The Accounting Services team at EHTC can assist you with establishing financial goals for your company. By carefully evaluating your company’s trends in regards to revenue, profitability, gross profit, net income, gross margin, working capital, and much more, we are able to develop a tailored monthly financial statement package to help you turn financial data into information that drives business decisions. Our monthly financial statement packages include budget comparisons, forecasting, cash flow planning, and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) analysis to ensure there are not unanswered questions as to how your company is performing. KPIs specific to your company, industry and marketplace in which you operate can help to determine your company's strategic, financial, and operational direction. What is your company currently monitoring on a monthly basis?


Ben Boekeloo, CPA, and the Accounting Services team work closely with clients to fully understand the accounting of a company. They work with key personnel to create budgets to better understand the financial aspects of each department and the company as a whole. This in-depth knowledge and understanding of a company’s finances enables the team at EHTC to know the ins and outs of your business. Working with your accounting team, whether that be the Owner, CEO, CFO, Bookkeeper, or anyone in between, EHTC is able to assist in the development of a custom financial statements package to turn financial data into information that drives business decisions. Our financial statement packages incorporate leading indicators to ensure there are no financial surprises and to eliminate financial uncertainty surrounding your business. Our goal is to ensure you always have an awareness of how decisions impact your company’s financial well-being.


Contact EHTC today to start the discussion in order to better understand where your company is at financially. Whether it is monitoring the financial progress of your company or assessing your finances through a monthly financial statement package, EHTC has an entire department dedicated to ensuring your business has the clarity and understanding needed to make the most financially sound decisions for your company.

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