Tax Specialist Services

We specialize in providing high-level tax expertise to businesses and individuals. We work with other accountants and attorneys to enhance the tax services they provide. Our relationships with these professionals provide mutual value without putting their client relationships at risk.

Areas of Expertise:

Civil and Criminal Matters

  • Non-filers - we prepare returns to get taxpayers back "in the system" including returns that might require reconstruction of records.
  • Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements - we assist taxpayers in settling tax liabilities.
  • Penalty Abatement - we communicate with tax authorities in an effort to reduce or abate penalties

Technical Services

  • Private letter rulings - we request a private letter ruling to give the taxpayer assurance on a transaction.
  • Claims for refund including protective claims - we file refund claims even for unsettled issues.
  • Expatriate tax return preparation - we help you understand international and expatriate US taxation.
  • Tax research and technical review of all types of returns - we provide a "second look" at complex returns and can assist with tax research, preparation, or review.
  • Innovative Tax Planning - we recommend ways to reduce tax liability.

IRS and State Tax Controversy Resolution

  • Federal and State examinations - we act as a proactive advocate for the taxpayer to try to resolve issues at the lowest level.
  • Appeals conferences - should issues remain unresolved, we file an appeals protest and negotiate with an appeals officer to settle the case.
  • Tax Court representation - ultimately, a taxpayer's position may best be defended in court.

Team Members Available to Assist You