velosio Technology Consulting

Whether you're a small business with a few employees or a multi-million dollar firm, we have a solution to fit you. Our customers have benefited from our guidance for many years and from the support of our parent firm since 1977.  A sound understanding of business practices combined with excellent technical knowledge makes our staff perfect for keeping your organization on track with technology.

Custom Programming

As every business is unique in some way, the software that runs it should be customized to run most efficiently. Sometimes canned, off-the-shelf software doesn't meet the business needs at hand and that's where we come in. We can analyze your current needs along with your existing systems and present a list of options including a design specification document detailing the project ahead.

System & Software Specification

If you're in the market for a new ERP or CRM package or if you're looking for a new accounting package we can help you select one.

We'll research and document your needs and help you make an educated decision about what is available out there. Our job is to find out your needs and let you draw upon the research and time we've already invested in finding out what software is right for you.

Once we have given thought to the software, we can help you select the necessary hardware to make that new system run with stability and speed.

Enterprise Application Integration

Do you have more than one application running your organization?  If you are like most businesses, chances are the answer is 'yes'. Would being able to get those applications to talk to each other help your business?  It just may alleviate some headaches and make life easier!

Project Management

Making sure projects go smoothly is a huge undertaking.  Making sure technology based projects go smoothly can be a nightmare. Let us take the burden of coordinating vendors and other resources in our expert hands!

We have the experience and knowledge to make your project move as efficiently and quickly as possible while keeping costs low.

Technology Planning

Where do you spend your money? It's a tough question to answer in the technology realm. With products and services changing so rapidly, who can keep up?  We can, so you don't have to!

Whether you have a limited budget and need to know where to spend your money most wisely, or if you want a third party opinion on your current plan we can help.

Microsoft Business Solutions Software, Sales & Support

Do you need to improve your relationship with prospects and clients? Do you need to better manage your budgeting process or track your project accounting processes? We are experts in analyzing your situation and customizing these key solutions from Microsoft to suit your needs: